Flickering Lights(OWC)

100 word challenge: Flickering Lights

By: Raghav *last name redacted*
It was a normal day. We were in the art studio, and boy, we were pumping work out. Simon and Cameron were building a odd black egg in Sculpture, Casey was busy showing off her “Gold and velvet fringed dress”, and I was painting. Suddenly, in what seemed like moments, we had to start cleaning up. As soon as I went to wash my hands, the lights start to flicker. The intercom crackled: “Intruder...lock...armed...west entrance...coming to office”

A bang came through the intercom.

We waited to hear anything, but there was silence.

A horrible, terrifying silence.


  1. lots of blood horror

    good :} . carabarnes@claytonschools.net


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